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Huw shivered and pulled the bedclothes tighter towards his body. He had switched off the central heating. He was not expecting in the least to be cold. On the contrary, by now he had expected himself to be so hot that his saturated skin would be sticking to the sheets. Huw wistfully gazed at the clock. Quarter to one. Where was he? He was never this late. Huw looked across the room and caught sight of the two scarlet candles burning away on the windowsill, melted almost to their bases. What a forlorn scene. Jilted Juliet waits for her Romeo. And why the fuck hadn’t Romeo called?

Josh hurried along the pavement, dodging puddles. What a disgusting evening. Huw would be there now, waiting for him…pining for him. He’d met up with Tom, and what’d meant to be an evening meal had turned into a night time pub crawl- Josh stumbled over a sizeable crack in the stone, and grappled a nearby lamppost to steady himself. Huw would be annoyed and Josh knew that. But hey, Josh thought, I’m young and moderately successful, and why the hell shouldn’t I have fun? Just because we’re in love doesn’t mean I have to be a house-husband in my twenties. Nearing the door Josh fumbled for his keys.

Huw sat bolt upright in bed at the sound of coughing and the jingle of familiar keys outside the window. He listened as Josh stumbled his way down the hall, finally turning the brassy knob that graced their bedroom door.


“Sorry. I-I mean Cowan-wouldn’t let me leave. We got talking. You know how intense he can be.”

Josh caught sight of the candles.

“I’m sorry.”

Huw looked petulantly back at him.

“Are you, though?”, the blue-eyed boy pouted.

Josh smiled. Huw had this adorable look about him when he was angry or annoyed. Josh suddenly abandoned all thoughts of arguing.

“You’re so beautiful.”

Huw, taken completely off-guard, blushed a deep crimson.

“If you think you can worm out of this by flattery, you’re wrong, you silver-tongued…”

Huw’s words were cut off by Josh’s lips meeting his own, as the older boy climbed up onto the bed that Huw was sitting in.

“Mmmph!” Huw half-heartedly attempted to prise Josh away from his lips, placing skeletal hands either side of Josh’s chest. This however had completely the adverse affect, and Josh wrapped an insistent hand around Huw’s delicate waist and lowered him flat onto the mattress. Josh finally released a panting Huw from the kiss, and a proud smile flittered onto his face as he surveyed his boyfriend.

“Mmm. Gorgeous.”

Huw, while still attempting to look irritated, let his lips curl. He loved having this effect on Josh, even if he was mildly intoxicated.

“You smell like cigarettes and alcohol.”

Huw’s hand rubbed its way up Josh’s chest and wandered up into his shirt, circling the soft white skin. Huw sat up, more definitely, and began to undo the buttons on Josh’s shirt, as the other boy watched in expectance. It fell to the floor. Huw raised his head. “I missed you earlier. I had something to show you.”

“What might that be?”


Huw giggled and moved backwards from Josh. “It’s a gift…well two…from me.”

Josh nodded. Gifts from Huw were always good; he had a knack for knowing exactly what you wanted.

“I was reading in a magazine that relationships sometimes need something a little special once in a while to spice things up. And to celebrate our one-year anniversary” Huw pranced out from under the sheets and over to the wardrobe. “I thought we could play…dress up?”

Huw, now with a gleaming Cheshire-cat grin covering his face, brandished a vintage army officer outfit, complete with knee-high boots and sloping belt, finished with golden tassels.

Josh’s mouth slid open, revealing a shock of pointed teeth.

“God, that must have cost a bomb!...not like I’m thinking about the money, though…” , Josh felt a sudden wave of anticipation. “Give it here, Webb.”

Huw blushed slightly and threw it to Josh. “What will you be wearing, then?”, Josh remarked to Huw before he exited the bedroom. “This has to be a two-way thing.”

“Well funnily enough I thought you might say that, being all stubborn and Aquarian!” Huw replied. “And I have a treat for you in store…It’ll  be…yummy?”

Josh frowned slightly and exited the room, fiddling with the toggles on his jacket. Huw turned on his heel making his way to the dresser and pulling out a lacy pink bundle. “Joshua Hayward, you are in for one hell of a night.”



Josh leant down to see in the mirror and put the finishing touches to his hair. There. Perfect. Every inch the suave soldier. Harry Flashman, eat your heart out. Time to see the missus? I think so. Josh clattered his way to the ground floor, and was instantly hit by a smell of baking drafting from the kitchen. How odd- the only “cooking” him and Huw did was nipping to the Indian for a take-away. Josh pushed open the door to the kitchen.

Huw was bent over the oven, but that wasn’t the oddest thing about the sight Joshua was greeted with. As Huw spun around it was plain to see he was adorned in the cutest little housewife apron; pink gingham studded with cherries, surrounded by lace. It hugged perfectly around his hips where it sat, rolled over to make a sort of mini-skirt. A tight deep pink shirt finished the outfit, clinging to his every crevice and barely fastened, his white skin beaded with sweat and exposed. When he met Josh’s eyes his face was full of wanting, and his fair curls bounced as he turned away from a tray of seemingly perfect cupcakes.

“Uh…” , Josh was lost for words.

Huw blushed again and batted his lashes, leaning backwards suggestively, as if he were offering himself to Josh. “I know you never said you were into the perfect house-husband thing… but I saw this on a website and I thought it was hot. So hot…”


Huw laughed and lifted a cake. “Want to help me ice these?”

“Fuck yes, but at this rate I don’t think it’ll be icing I’m using!”

Huw started to laugh again, but his words were lost as Josh surged towards him and embraced him passionately, indulging in a deep kiss. Huw reciprocated and flung his arms around Josh’s neck, twisting fingers through his hair, their tongues twisting and turning together smoothly in time to Huw’s strokes. Josh broke away, and stared deeply into Huw’s eyes. He lifted him up and placed him on the kitchen worktop. “You’re like my delicate little princess.”, Josh grinned at Huw. “As long as I get kisses like that, it’s a role I’ll fill 24/7. Though I can’t promise to be low maintenance. Did you know this fucking thing I’m wearing cost an arm and a..!” Huw again didn’t get to finish his sentence as Josh bore down upon him further, clutching his face and kissing deep, their saliva interchanging fluidly.

“Mmmph…” Josh couldn’t hold out any longer, he was already beginning to get hard in his tight and thick army trousers. He raised a hand from Huw’s waist and slowly slid it up Huw’s thigh, his strokes long and gentle along the younger boy’s leg. “Oh god.” Suddenly, without warning, Huw pulled away, with a mischievous glint in his eye. “Wait…I’ve got something for you…another surprise.” Huw arched his back reaching up to a cupboard behind him and drew out a wicker box. “Huw’s box of tricks, eh?” Josh cackled. Huw glanced naughtily back to him. “Look what I’ve got for you, Mr Soldier-on-leave…” Huw pulled out a large can of whipped cream and a clear plastic box of juicy red strawberries. Josh’s eyes once again widened. “Oh you’re such a bad housewife…” Josh moaned, desperately wanting. “Well, I’m so lonesome…” Huw pouted. “My big strong man is away for months on end…I have to occupy myself somehow…!” Huw looked at Josh for a minute. The elder boy seemed rooted to the spot by a combination of lust and complete awe. “Such a handsome soldier…!”

 Huw lowered his hands and allowed them to trail down to the top of Josh’s trousers, beginning to unfasten them painfully slowly. Josh watched, concentrating deeply and trying to contain himself. Huw hooked a finger under the waistband of Josh’s underwear, and slowly rolled them down, exposing Josh’s hardness. Josh held back a gasp, feeling Huw’s hot breath where he needed it most. Huw took his eyes of Josh with difficulty, and reached back to grasp the whipped cream can. He squirted an amount of cream into his hand, and grasped Josh’s hardness. Josh moaned at Huw’s touch and the feel of the cool substance against warm skin, grabbing Huw’s shoulder. Huw looked up into hazel eyes and continued the pressure, sliding his long slim fingers along Josh’s throbbing length. Josh pushed himself into Huw’s grip, moaning his name. “Huw...” Huw shivered at the sound of his name being said in such a way by the boy he loved. Huw rubbed Josh faster and firmer, Josh reacting with breathy moans. Huw slowly took both his hands off Josh and carefully ran a long slim finger up the younger boy’s shaft. Josh tensed at the change of pressure, a deep look of desire burning in his eyes. Pre-come trickled down onto Huw’s finger and Huw looked up at Josh, smiling devilishly.

 “I love what I do to you.”

 With those words Huw bent down swiftly and took Josh’s erection in his mouth, taking in four...five…six…seven…eight inches of Josh, Huw deep-throating him perfectly without complaint. Josh was surrounded by warmth and wetness, and he moaned loudly, the sensitive head of his penis rubbing against the soft tissue of Huw’s throat. Josh gasped and grabbed the back of Huw’s head, beginning to pull back and thrust into his mouth when Huw’s eyes flicked up and said no. Huw wasn’t about to let Joshua off that easily. Huw placed skeletal fingers on Josh’s smooth butt cheeks and, sucking hard, pulled his mouth slowly down Josh’s cock, with an intense pressure.

“Oh Jesus Huw, I’m…not sure of…how much more…I can…”

 Huw came to the head of Josh’s hard-on and released it from his mouth, the saliva combining with Huw’s rosebud lips to make a delicious popping sound. Josh breathed heavily.

“Oh, oh, Huw, please!”

Huw grinned again and leant up and met the other boy’s lips with his own, still slicked with a sweet pre-come.

 “See how gorgeous you taste Josh.”

They kissed deeper, a mixture of saliva, sweat and come dripping from their lips and onto Huw’s apron. Huw ran his fingers back down to Josh, caressing his balls with gentle fingers, massaging and cupping them. Josh stirred beneath Huw’s tongue. Huw delicately traced his fingertips to the sensitive area between Josh’s anus and scrotum, kneading the area, feeling hot blood rushing towards it.

 “Oh Huw, I’m going to come…” Josh broke from the kiss.

Huw looked into Josh’s face and realising this, withdrew his hands. “Oh! Huw…” Josh said, colour flushing his cheeks. Huw once again smiled devilishly.  “You’ll thank me later. You’ll come so much stronger when I finally let you.”

“You little fucking tease.”

“And don’t you just love it?”

“You bet.” Josh regained his balance, still hard and wanting. He clutched Huw’s face with his hands and placed a tender kiss on his perfect lips. Huw wrapped his arms firmly around Josh’s waist, bringing him closer. Josh moaned into Huw’s mouth as his erection brushed against the rough material of Huw’s apron, sliding underneath it. Josh could feel Huw’s hardness, and they frotted maddeningly against one another.

“Oh my god- sorry…erm…sorry.” There was a clattering of doors and both boys separated and spun around. Joe had stumbled through the doorway and was now looking like a very embarrassed rabbit stuck in headlights. Josh realised he was exposed and quickly fumbled himself back into his trousers. What a scene this must be, Huw thought. After what seemed like forever, Joe uttered “…you two make a perfect couple, you know.” Then suddenly he seemed to un-stick himself, and he turned on his heel and exited. Josh turned back to Huw, who was pink and chuckling.

“Oh, why do you look so mortified, Josh? They all knew anyway.”

“I suppose you’re right.”

Huw smiled at his lover and stroked a long slender finger up Josh’s face. Josh’s blood once again began to stream along his veins, and he felt his breath tear in his throat.

“…I’d like to make love to you.” Josh flushed pink and coyly looked away, fiddling with a thread in his trousers.

Huw’s heart jumped. He loved Josh dearly and when his boyfriend said things as sweet as that…well nothing could compare. Huw smiled.

“Do you want me to drop the dominant housewife façade?”

“Fuck no, I love it! But…I just feel I need to be inside you. Have you all around me, while looking into your eyes. To show you how much you mean to me. I hope that didn’t sound as lame out loud as it did in my head.” Josh blushed again, raising his deceivingly innocent eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not lame at all. I think it’s the right time, Josh. We’ve waited long enough. I want to be loved by you.”

And with that Huw slid off the counter and into Josh’s awaiting arms.

“Let me carry you to the bedroom!”

Huw giggled and darted out of Josh’s hands, slapping them away.

“No. I’m independent. I can fend for myself. I don’t need a big strong man!” Huw laughed and pranced to the kitchen door and started up the stairs.

“We’ll see about that!” Josh hurtled after him and grabbed him around the torso, much to Huw’s wriggles and squeaks, and flung him over his shoulder. “No! Hang on! I’m as tall than you, this looks stupid…!” Josh kicked open the bedroom door and laid a rapidly protesting and flushed Huw onto the pillow-strewn bed.

Suddenly something seemed to change in the air and Huw sat up, his nose touching Joshua’s, perched on the mattress beside him. “I like this.” Huw fingered the tassels on the front of Josh’s army jacket; it was a civil war-style officer’s uniform, its deep navy rimmed with scarlet looking spectacular on Josh’s pale skin. His soft chocolate brown hair slipped in front of his dark eyes as he leaned into Huw’s touch, biting his bottom lip as Huw’s fingertips brushed his nipples. Josh looked into the fairer boy’s eyes. “I want you more than anything.” Huw’s face lit up and dimples appeared in his hollow cheeks. He moved forward, wrapping slender arms around Joshua’s neck and whispered; “…and I want you to take me, Josh. To just have me completely…”


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